Phill Kline

Former Attorney General of Kansas, Phill Kline, who served the state of Kansas from 2002-2006, was the only Attorney General (who later became a prosecutor of Johnson County) to equally apply the basic rule of law to enforce the law against abortion providers.  This effort to enforce the law ultimately led to charges against George Tiller and  Comprehensive Health of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri.

The abortion industry nationwide recognized the threat of what Phill Kline had the courage to expose areas where they were not complying with the law and as a result they poured over 2 million dollars into Kansas to defeat him in the relection to Attorney General in order to avoid being criminally charged.

They succeeded in placing their own Attorney General (Paul Morrison) in the AG’s office .  He dismissed the original charges against late term abortionist, George Tiller.  He re-filled lesser charges which allowed Tiller to be acquitted of them in 2008.

Phill Kline was appointed to the Johnson County District Attorney’s office where he was able to retain jurisdiction over the Planned Parenthood Investigation.

In Oct, 2007 Planned Parenthood  was charged with 107 criminal charges, which included 23 felonies.

These charges are still in place.

However, the efforts of the corrupt Supreme Court of Kansas, 5 of which were appointed by the Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, to delay and deter Phill Kline’s efforts are ongoing.

On Feb 21, 2011 Phill Kline, who now resides in Virginia as a profession at Liberty Law School, will face corrupt and unfounded Ethical Charges against him from when he was in office and charged Planned Parenthood.


Because Planned Parenthood and their friends in the Kansas Supreme Court want to send a message to other prosecutors that if you look into and charge them with criminal activity, we will professionally destroy you.

That is what is happening here.

Every time Phill Kline has gone before the Supreme Court, the law has been on his side and he is proven right in his investigation and charges against Planned Parenthood.  However he is constantly maligned.  Judge Carol Bier, (give background hear) has been leading the persecution.  (This is exactly what it is!)

It has now been stated that Phill Kline was unfit to serve in office due to his Prolife beliefs!